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Iranian boy in shrine of Sar Agha Sayed Isa
A young Iranian Muslim boy stands in front of the shrine of Sar Agha Sayed Isa, located in the village of Sar Agha Sayed. He was visiting the shrine with his family, who are not from Sar Agha Sayed. Sar Agha Sayed is arguably one of the most strikingly beautiful villages in all of Iran. It has about 3,000 inhabitants in summer, and half that in winter. The village has no high school, and education appears not to be highly valued by parents and their children. The marrying age is young, and it's not difficult to find women who gave birth at age 14. Sanitation is poor, and health issues abound. Photo taken on September 06, 2015 in Sar Agha Sayed, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Iran.