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Full Name:
Inas Al-Haddad

Inas Al-Haddad is currently studying the bachelor degree in Architecture and is a passionate photographer.
Began the journey of photography in 2008 after taking the first photography course, using a semi-pro camera "Nikon P90 coolpix". Began considering professional photography in 2010 after getting a more advanced and professional camera" Canon 30D" with it's different lenses.

Inas Al-Haddad Photography was awarded two certificates of honor. One by the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, and the other from Sawi Cultural Wheel in Cairo.

Inas Al-Haddad Photography is an eye which sees things, situations, views and every other thing differently and deliver them to people, showing the beauty of things in it's simplest form.
The main fields of interest is Documentary Photography and Conceptual Photography.

Inas Al-Haddad Photography is now working on Inas Al-Haddad professional website.
Check Inas Al-Haddad photography page at: http://www.facebook.com/InasAlHaddadPhotography
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